Orion Dynamics installs temporary passenger lift for flat in Brussels-Elsene

The existing passenger lift malfunctioned in an apartment complex in Ixelles in the Brussels region. The repair required parts with a very long delivery time. Orion Dynamics installed a temporary passenger lift in order to guarantee safe, barrier-free access for disabled residents.

Customer-oriented property managers

In the domestic market of the Netherlands, using temporary passenger lifts during lift modernisation projects is a common solution. Across Europe, the trend is for property managers to adopt an increasingly customer-oriented approach towards their tenants. Prolonged lift downtime with adverse safety effects (during emergencies) and annoying consequences for the occupants’ mobility is no longer an option. In such cases, using a temporary passenger lift is the best solution.

Benefits of temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift

In addition to maintaining 100% barrier-free accessibility for residents, the GEDA P18S passenger elevator has the advantage of not requiring an operator. Users can use the elevator independently 24/7. In addition to the fully automatic doors at the different floors and in the lift cabin, the GEDA P18S is very user friendly. If desired, the temporary lift can be equipped with a key contact, matching the building’s key contact.

More temporary passenger lifts

Swift assembly

In general, a temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift can be installed within a single working day. If the building features galleries, the automatic door panels can in many cases be stamped quickly and easily between the respective floors. The compact lightweight base unit can easily be lifted from the truck to the installation location with a truck crane.

Independent inspection by OCB inspection body

After installation, the temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift is inspected by an independent inspection body to check whether the elevator meets all safety requirements. The intercom system in the lift cabin is also tested. The lift was approved by OCB for this project, after which it was handed over to the customer.

Second GEDA P18S temporary passenger lift installed in Belgium

After using a temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift for an apartment complex in Ghent (2017), this marks the 2nd GEDA P18S project to be carried out in the Belgian market. Various Belgian organisations have now expressed an interest in this solution.

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