After 10 years RECO Lift Solutions is still the preferred supplier of temporary passenger lifts

RECO Lift Solutions has delivered a temporary passenger lift in 's-Hertogenbosch last week. After 10 years, it was time to modernise the internal lift in an apartment building behind the Tolbrug. In 2007, when the lift was also tackled, RECO Lift Solutions was also able to deliver a temporary passenger lift for this location. Since the customer was so satisfied with our service back then, we were also allowed to provide a temporary lift this time. 

Temporary outside lift

Since many of the residents of the complex have difficulty walking, it was necessary to provide a suitable solution. Together with Mohringer Liften, we once again looked for the best temporary lift for the job and decided to install an external lift. Since the lift had to be scaled across the building, the public road was temporarily closed so that the external lift could be put in place. The modernisation of the permanent lift will take three weeks. Until then, the temporary RECO Lift Solutions lift will remain in place.

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