Kreisbaugesellschaft Tübingen GmbH and lift company Schmitt + Sohn use RECO temporary passenger lift in Mössingen

Lift company Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge- Standort Tübingen is currently upgrading the existing lift in a complex of flats for the elderly owned by Kreisbaugesellschaft Tübingen in Mössingen. As a result of this work, the residents are unable to use the lift. RECO Lift Solutions from Waddinxveen (NL) has installed a temporary lift to safeguard the residents’ freedom of movement.

Safeguarding freedom of movement and safety

The lack of a working lift as a result of a malfunction or upgrade directly impacts the freedom of movement of elderly and disabled persons. Such residents soon perceive such a situation as a weeks-long imprisonment in their own homes. The alternative of being temporarily relocated is experienced as extremely stressful. Furthermore, elderly people are nowadays increasingly independent, meaning that they do not wish to be dependent on a shopping delivery service.

Consequently, the installation of a temporary RECO lift offers a real solution, not only for residents and visitors, but also for the ambulance service during emergencies, for example, as the RECO lift cabin is accessible for stretchers. Furthermore, installation of a temporary lift means the building’s facility services continue to have access to a lift for their activities.

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Access balconies

The access balcony of the building in Mössingen was ideal for the installation for a temporary RECO passenger lift. The only construction work required for this project involved the removal of the access balcony railings. Under other circumstances, gaining access to the building would involve removing a window front, for example.

A 4-stop temporary RECO PP (Plug & Play) passenger lift with a shaft height of 14.6m was chosen for this project. RECO was supported by crane company Brielmann from Mössingen for the assembly work. Brielmann installed three steel dock boards for the foundation of the lift shaft. The lift shaft was unloaded from the semi flatbed trailer and hoisted into position in just one hoist movement. The lift shaft was then anchored to the structural components of the building with length-adjustable shores. On the next day, Tüv Hessen commissioned the lift, which could then be put into operation.

Partnering with a local lift company

The intercom system in the RECO lift was forward-connected to lift company Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge. Given that RECO works exclusively with standard lift technology, its lifts can be serviced by local lift companies all over Europe. RECO has previously cooperated with Schmitt + Sohn Aufzüge in the German market to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. Its network of branches in the German market is highly advantageous for RECO.

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