IKEA France opts for temporary RECO PP lift for its branch in Plaisir (West Paris)

IKEA France’s Plaisir branch was built 20 years ago, but is now bursting at the seams. The premises currently offer 14,000 m2 of retail floor space, which is  to be expanded to no less than 24,000 m2. The construction work recently commenced.

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Temporary store entrance

During the renovation, IKEA customers will be able to access the store via a temporary store entrance, reducing the inconvenience caused by the works to a minimum. To ensure 100% safe and unobstructed store access to customers, Dutch company RECO Lift Solutions recently equipped the temporary entrance with a RECO PP passenger lift. This fully-operational passenger lift was assembled in a single night’s work.

Required lift capacity

The lift capacity required to handle the customer flows formed a key reason for IKEA France to choose a temporary RECO PP passenger lift. The RECO PP lift has a 0.8 m/s fast traction drive, enabling a high transport capacity to be achieved. What is more, the controls of the characteristic lift cabin are identical to those of IKEA’s existing lifts, ensuring the lift is easy to use.

Environmental benefits of lift rental

At the conclusion of the rental period, the Reco PP lift will be returned to RECO Lift Solutions in the Netherlands, where it will be technically and optically inspected. The lift will later be used for a different project. As no lift needs to be demolished, no valuable raw materials are lost, making the rental of a temporary RECO passenger lift an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

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