First delivery RECO 2.0 temporary passenger lift according to new standards at Sterrewiel Nursing Home

Lifts and a barrier-free walking route are of great importance in the care sector. Not only in case of emergencies, but also for disabled passers-by or staff working with trolleys. It's no different at the Sterrewiel nursing home in Dordrecht. RECO Lift Solutions was allowed to install a RECO Lift 2.0 here this month in the interest of mobility and comfort in the living environment of the residents.

RECO 2.0: the temporary passenger lift for intensive lift use

The two existing indoor lifts would not be used for 8 weeks for the residents of no less than 98 flats. Besides being a nursing home, the Sterrewiel also serves as a meeting place for local residents. Het Spectrum, Syndion, MEE Drechtsteden, Vitaliz physiotherapists and the municipality of Dordrecht work together in this social community centre to provide accessible community support for residents. Because the existing lifts are used so intensively by the residents and the organisations involved, a temporary lift solution was needed to ensure that the activities could continue. We have advised the client to hire the RECO Lift 2.0 for this project. This is a traction lift that runs at 0.8 metres per second and is therefore extremely suitable for greater lift heights. The client received a scoop because the rented lift is the first RECO Lift 2.0 to be built under the new standard. 

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Breathless in the front row

Ultimately, it's always about the end user's experience. We were therefore very pleased with the reaction of one of the residents after the lift had been installed. "I looked at your work at the Sterrenwiel in Dordrecht with increasing admiration. As a non-technical pensioner, I sat breathlessly in the front row. Big compliments to your staff. A well-oiled machine. Once again, a big compliment," said the resident.