Emergency lift placed at senior citizens' flat in Den Helder after fierce fire

On Wednesday 21 September, a fierce fire raged in the Heiligharn apartment block in Den Helder. The fire brigade quickly arrived with a lot of equipment and an ambulance was also present as a precaution. As there was a lot of damage to the building, a solution had to be found for the residents who have difficulty walking

Temporary emergency lift

Most of the residents in the building are senior citizens. The fire gave off a lot of smoke which was visible from a great distance. Some of the homes in the building were seriously damaged and have therefore been declared uninhabitable. The other residents were allowed to return home after the fire was extinguished. Due to the damage to the building, it was necessary to install an emergency lift so that the residents could safely reach their homes. We placed an emergency lift at the apartment building, which has since been inspected and put into operation. 

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