Find all 8 Easter eggs and win a Thuisbezorgd Dinerbon worth € 40!

The Easter Bunny is busy planning an egg hunt. To get all his eggs to the upper floor of the building he wants to hire a hoist. He searches on Google and the RECO Lift Solutions website catches his eye. During his website visit he hides 8 easter eggs on different webpages. Find the eggs for a chance to win 1 of the 10 Thuisbezorgd-gift cards worth € 40,-. Ready to search? Follow his adventure below and recognize the hints! 

  1. The Easter Bunny has his eye on an apartment complex where he wants to hide his eggs. Many people live in the complex who have difficulty walking. Unfortunately, just before Easter, the lift is being renovated. On the RECO Lift Solutions website, the Easter bunny searches for the possibilities of lift renovation so that everyone can still find their Easter eggs.
  2. The first lift that the Easter bunny comes across on his quest is perfectly suited to keeping locations accessible for people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters or rollators. This lift is suitable for all heights below 3 metres. Unfortunately, this is not enough for the multi-storey apartment complex.
  3. Fortunately, the Easter Bunny arrives at a passenger lift that is fast, quiet and comfortable, and can reach a height of up to 65 m. The Easter Bunny is naturally very enthusiastic and contacts the RECO Lift Solutions consultants.
  4. Once talking to our consultant, the Easter Bunny realises that the two parts of the building each need their own lift. Fortunately, we have a suitable connection as a solution.
  5. Next, our specialist points out to the Easter Bunny that it is not possible to install a temporary lift in this apartment building because of the space requirements. Fortunately, the specialist immediately comes up with a suitable solution. Because the building has straight staircases, this is a good way of keeping the residents of the apartment complex mobile.
  6. The Easter bunny does wonder if the residents can use this emergency lift themselves. The RECO Lift Solutions specialist told him that someone can come on site to help with the use of the lift. This host or hostess supports the residents and is there to answer any questions.
  7. Then the Easter bunny wonders whether he can also turn to RECO Lift Solutions when a lift in another apartment complex breaks down. The specialist reassures him and tells him that RECO Lift Solutions will quickly install an emergency lift for him in case of an emergency.
  8. The Easter bunny is very impressed with the possibilities. Because safety, health and the environment come first during his work, he searches on the website what RECO Lift Solutions does to guarantee these 3 core values. Fortunately, he sees that extensive thought has been given to this and that RECO Lift Solutions also puts Safety, Health and Environment first.

Have you found all 8 Easter eggs? 

The Easter Egg Hunt has come to an end.
The winners will receive an e-mail from us.
We thank all the participants for their enthousiasm!