Cardiff University Hospital deploys temporary passenger lift during lift upgrade

Near the main entrance of the university hospital is an outdated double two-stop lift shaft. This lift shaft is scheduled to be relocated soon, when the lifts will also be updated. To deal with the reduced lift service, RECO Lift Solutions installed a temporary two-stop RECO PP passenger lift

Temporary passenger lift with an embedded position

The RECO PP passenger lift has a 370 mm floor threshold. To provide users with access without a threshold, the lift shaft was installed in an embedded position. Two cross braces were used to anchor the lift shaft to the construction components of the existing building. In order to prevent nuisance to patients for as far as possible, the RECO lift shaft installation was carried out between 11pm and 2am. At the request of the client, RECO also reduced the shaft height, to keep the excess height of the modular lift shaft to a minimum.

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‘Adoption’ by Otis UK lift company

The intercom system in the RECO PP lift was supplied by the Dutch company Elseco, and is connected to the hospital control centre. This system can be programmed long-distance (from the Netherlands) and uses the GSM network. This meant that no extra cable connections needed to be installed. RECO subsequently only needed to supply the telephone number of the central control room. Cardiff University Hospital has a lift maintenance contract with Otis lift company. Cardiff University Hospital requested Otis to adopt the temporary RECO lift during the lease period. In the event of any malfunctions, Otis can quickly resolve the problem there.

Interest from the international hospital market

In just two years’ time, this Cardiff project is the fourth time already on the international hospital market that RECO Lift Solutions has installed a temporary passenger lift. Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam has now expressed interest in a similar solution to the one used in Cardiff.

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