Amsterdam Amstel station equipped with temporary passenger lift

At Amsterdam Amstel station, Mobilis is working together with its partner van Gelder to create a new design for the station surroundings. The existing bicycle parking garage is being expanded and the infrastructure is being redesigned on the Prins Bernhardplein square and roundabout and Julianaplein square. Thanks to the installation of a temporary RECO passenger lift, the building consortium is maintaining barrier-free access to the station for travellers during the construction work.

Anchoring to 10ft ballast container

The initial plan was to anchor the temporary RECO PP passenger lift to a concrete foundation in a fully stand-alone configuration. As the delivery data approached, it transpired that this planned solution was no longer technically possible. The problem had to be solved quickly, so RECO deployed a 10ft ballast container. This container was first loaded with around 10 tonnes of Stelcon slabs. Then RECO supported the lift shaft on the 10ft ballast container using length-adjustable cross braces.

Exit landings

At ground level the entrance to the RECO lift is located between the lift shaft and the 10ft ballast container. At exit level +1 the travellers leave the lift on the other side of the lift shaft, thanks to a walk-through cabin configuration. RECO has installed a public-friendly walkway, providing travellers safe and barrier-free access to Amstel station.

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First-line response by Kone lift company

The temporary RECO PP lifts are based exclusively on standard lift technology. This has the advantage that local lift companies (both in the Netherlands and abroad) are familiar with the technical aspects of the lifts and can provide technical support if required. The intercom in the temporary RECO lift at Amstel station is connected to the head office of the Kone lift company. RECO Lift Solutions has a good partnership with Kone on the home Dutch market. Kone is supporting RECO Lift Solution here with its first-line fault response service.

Fourth concurrent RECO deployment in the Amsterdam infrastructure market

Following on from the Zuidasdok, Metro Oostlijn and Oosterdokseiland infrastructure projects, the project at Amstel station is the fourth infrastructure project in the Amsterdam region where a RECO solution has been chosen. ‘Our partner van Gelder had already had a good experience with temporary RECO passenger lifts during another infrastructure project (RECO pedestrian bridge in Ilpendam, ed.)’, says Jerry Jongmans, work planner at Mobilis. ‘After we had to revise our original plans, RECO stepped into the breach very quickly. Thanks to this we were still able to achieve the delivery deadline, meaning that traveller access to the station remained uncompromised at all times.’

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