RECO lift solutions installs two temporary passenger lifts twice in Bonn

Last spring, the real estate company Deutsche Annington (DA) started the renovation of 4 apartment buildings in Bonn. For this project, lift company Kone recently started modernising the first 2 of the total 4 existing lifts. To be able to carry out this work, the lifts will be taken out of operation for 4 weeks


DA requires that, during Kone's lift renovation, tenants must be able to access their flats barrier-free. To solve this problem, RECO Lift Solutions from the Netherlands has recently installed the first 2 temporary RECO passenger lifts. In addition to ensuring accessibility, the use of the temporary passenger lifts reduces inconvenience to residents to a minimum. Thanks to the modular system of the RECO lifts, the flats of the up to 10-storey building can be easily reached. From the stairwell, the lifts are accessible to residents via extendable walkways.

Fast, safe and comfortable

In just two working days, both lifts, including the walkways, were installed and then inspected by TÜV. The two lifts' call stations have been diverted to Kone, so that first-line fault response is guaranteed. The RECO lifts are in operation day and night. The closed shaft of the lifts keeps noise levels to a minimum. The shaft also eliminates the wind's influence on the lift car, so users are assured of a comfortable ride. After Kone has modernised the first 2 lifts, RECO will move the temporary lifts to the next 2 set-up locations.

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