Transport: safe and fast on location

Complete transport service for lift rentals across Europe

Your temporary lift on location as fast as possible. We ensure this by using our own transport service, consisting of our own lorries, central planning, and drivers. Our drivers have on average 12.5 years of experience within RECO Holding. We have everything we need to quickly install your emergency or stair lift and you’re mobile again in no time at all.

Hoe safely we operate? View our VGM Policy


How does our transport service work?

  • The starting point is the workplace, where we approve your temporary lift before transport.
  • Next, we hoist the temporary lift on one of our own lorries and our driver takes it away. They're well-prepared and always on time.
  • We make sure the hoist is ready for use on site. This means we immediately can start working on the installation at arrival.
  • Does our work infer with traffic? We'll arrange a traffic controller or place temporary signs. This way, it stays safe for everyone.
  • Once arrived at location, our engineers take over. They ensure your temporary lift is installed quickly, safely, and as solid as a rock.

The whole journey is coordinated by our planning team. Thanks to the short lines within our organisation, we can act quickly so your lift is assembled without issues and on schedule.

Questions about transport? Call 01480 - 475 377