Calculation: from advice to work preparation

Have the best temporary passenger lift designed for your location

At RECO Lift Solutions, we like to offer you a complete solution. Are you hindered by indoor mobility issues due to a lift malfunction or routine lift maintenance? We will map this together with you. From an early stage, we think along with you about the best lift installation for you property. Is an emergency lift the solution? An emergency stair lift? Or would a temporary emergency stair or our lift assistant work for you? RECO Lift Solutions keeps you mobile. 

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Calculation of temporary passenger lift backed up with 20 years of experience

With our extensive range, we can offer a solution for almost all situations. We can act immediately for most situations, but sometimes we like to have a look on site first. This is how we installed countless lifts over the last 20 years. Currently, more than 20,000 people use our temporary lifts every day. This enables us to assess the situation properly and fit a suitable solution accordingly.

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Appropriate lift advice at your site and for your audience

We also take care of preparatory work such as calculations. We think along from an early stage about the most practical solution for you location. For the end user as well as your multiannual maintenance budgets. Our advisor calculates the ideal lift installation for your property. Next, he/she offers a quote which states everything about force calculations and additional requirements. As we work together with parent company RECO, we not only have emergency lifts and temporary stair lifts in stock, but also temporary stairs and bridges. Would you like us to think along? One phone call or email via will do the job!

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