RECO Low-rise Platform Lift 3000 hire

If you hire a RECO Vertical Platform Lift 3000 you will keep your location accessible at all times for wheelchair, mobility scooter, and zimmer frame users. Whether you need to bridge a small elevation or would like to offer a threshold-free access to the first floor, you can hire the RECO Platform Lift 3000 for all heights below 3m. Sporting a spacious lifting platform and more lifting capacity then RECO Wheelchair Lifts, these lifts are also suitable for roll cages or catering and food trolleys. This makes the RECO Platform Lift an excellent temporary lift for care locations and events. 

Capacity and Sizes

Lifting capacity
400 kg
Passenger capacity
Max. lift height
2.99 m
Total size width x length
2045 x 1600 mm
Internal space (width x length x height)
2045 x 1140 mm
Max entrances

Electrical data

Lift speed
12.0 m/min
230 V


Low-rise platform lift with secured platform for passengers and goods 

When you quickly need a vertical platform lift for up to 3m, the RECO Platform Lift 3000 is an excellent choice. Especially in case a stair lift or temporary passenger lift isn't an ideal fit for your location. The RECO Low-rise Platform Lift 3000 is secured neatly and safely and is also suitable for moving roll cages. With a power consumption of only 230V and a freestanding assembly, the low-rise platform lift is installed in no time at all. After installation our engineer assesses the safety and the lift can be used immediately. 

Platform lift rental in case of emergency

When your own platform lift is temporarily out of use due to a malfunction or maintenance, you can quickly rent a platform lift at RECO Lift Solutions. The RECO Platform Lift 3000 is an excellent emergency lift because it can be installed quickly and its height is adjustable. The lift does not have to be anchored and as it only uses 230V, you don’t need to supply a high current. All of this ensures our engineers can install the system rapidly so your visitors are quickly on their ways again. 

low rise vertical platform lift

Low-rise vertical platform lift hire and more mobility 

Together with our RECO Holding partners we offer more equipment for creating a temporary, threshold-free access to your location. In addition to vertical platform lifts, we also offer emergency stairs, pedestrian accesses, walkways, and mobility scooter storages. Do your visitors or residents need some extra assistance? We'll happily provide them our assistance by carrying their baggage or operating the lifting platform. That way, we create suitable accessibility solutions for every property, audience, and situation. 

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Low rise platform lift hire