RECO Lift 2.0 hire

During work, maintenance, or malfunctions, the RECO 2.0 Temporary Passenger Lift is a perfect alternative for your own permanent lift. The threshold-less access and automatic lift doors ensure the RECO 2.0 Passenger Lift is ideal for wheelchair, zimmer frame, and mobility scooter users. The button controls of this temporary lift are easy to use for residents both young and old. You select your preferred floor and within no time at all the lift takes you to a maximum height of 65m.

Capacity and Sizes

Lifting capacity
1000 kg
Passenger capacity
Max. lift height
65.00 m
Total size width x length
4500 x 2500 mm
Internal space (width x length x height)
2100 x 1100 x 2200 mm
Max entrances

Electrical data

Lift speed
48.0 m/min
400 V
32 A


Temporary passenger lift with traction drive: safe, quick, and comfortable

This temporary passenger lift is equipped with a traction drive which makes it quicker, quieter, and more comfortable. The lift will carry a maximum of 13 people. The RECO 2.0 lift has been approved according to Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, mostly complying to EN 81-1 EN 12159. Which makes it safe and comfortable for every user.


RECO Tijdelijke Personenlift 2.0

Minimise nuisance with a temporary passenger lift 

Our temporary lifts are regularly deployed during large-scale renovations. As was the case with housing complex Cliostede. During these types of projects, it’s important to keep the residents moving and the nuisance to a minimum. Which is quite a challenge when the stairwells and walkways are under maintenance. Using our RECO 2.0 lift and temporary walkways, we made sure that all 9 storeys with 140 homes remained accessible! The RECO 2.0 Lift is also a perfect fit for taller housing complexes. Such as the 25 storeys we helped out in the Bertrend Complex in Rotterdam. 


More mobility 

Emergencies and the lift maintenance resulting from them always come at an inappropriate time. We at RECO Lift Solutions aim to make these events as hassle-free as possible for the people involved. By using our extra services and equipment, such as temporary pedestrian accesses and walkways we make sure of this. Are there residents with mobility scooters that don’t fit into the emergency lift? We’ll provide a mobility scooter storage. Do your residents need some extra assistance? Our lift assistant helps them out by carrying their groceries and operating the lift. That way, we ensure that everyone is provided for during the work activities. 

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