Temporary stair hire

RECO Lift Solutions are renowned for their temporary lifts, but it’s not all we do! Together with our parent company RECO we also offer a complete solution. No matter which mobility challenges you’re faced with, we like to think along. Together with RECO we have more than 65 years of experience in renting out equipment. We’ve got all the right expertise in house and all the equipment and transport is owned by ourselves. This enables us to work flexibly, quickly and properly. Two companies, one contact. This is how we keep the lines short and the communication clear.

Emergency stairs and freestanding stair towers for every level

By deploying our temporary stairs, you can reach every desired level effortlessly. Our freestanding stair towers are easily and quickly assembled using standard Layher Allround scaffolding parts, stair stringers and separate steps. Whether you use the stair tower for better accessibility, to separate residents and construction workers, or because of safety reasons, we’re ready to help you out with a suitable solution.

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Working together for the best solution

We combine forces with RECO Equipment Rental to help you out. Two companies will provide the best results for you, and you only have to deal with just one central contact. Both our lifts and pedestrian accesses are immediately ready to be assembled after delivery. This saves a lot of time and ensures the location will be quickly accessible again so commuters can continue their journeys without issues. 16 tube stations in Amsterdam have recently been renovated. We were asked to place both the temporary lift and stair. Watch the video for the result!

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