RECO Stairlifts hire

Temporary stair lifts are perfect when you need to quickly place a temporary lift or when there's no space for a fully-fledged temporary passenger lift. Disabled stair lifts keep residents mobile when your lift is out of service. A RECO Stairlift can be placed on a straight stair measuring up to 7 metres and can be loaded with a maximum weight of 127kg. Our stair chair lifts keep working after a power cut because they feature an integrated battery. To guarantee safety, the temporary stair lift has been CE certified and will be installed according to NEN 81-40. This way, the user can rely on a safe stair lift. 

Capacity and Sizes

Lifting capacity
127 kg
Passenger capacity
Max. lift height
7.00 m
Max entrances

Electrical data

Lift speed
9.0 m/min
230 V

Always a disabled stair lift in stock for quick delivery 

Lift malfunctions always come unannounced, as was the case at the Rossinidreef in Voorschoten. The residents were in need of a quick solution. As we have many lifts in stock, we were immediately able to offer a solution and we didn’t just place 27 temporary disabled stair lifts, we also supplied 10 courtesy zimmer frames. We were also asked to think along for a solution for the S.Lohmanpark in Waalwijk. Here, we supplied 10 temporary chair lifts and 10 courtesy walking frames. In addition, our lift assistant Heri came to help out. Heri was on site out for a month to assist residents and answer their questions. Heri and our other lift assistants are always happy to help out residents! 


Temporary disabled stair lifts and more mobility 

During emergencies or (lift) maintenance, you may be confronted with many mobility issues. You need to assess the situation, look for the right solution and implement it. Together with our RECO Holding partners we offer more equipment to create a temporary, threshold-free access to your location. In addition to passenger lifts, we also offeremergency stairs, pedestrian accesses, walkways, and mobility scooter storages. Do your visitors or residents need some extra assistance? We'll happily provide them our assistance by carrying their baggage or operating the temporary lift. That way, we create suitable accessibility solutions for every property, audience, and situation.  

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