RECO Stair Climber hire

In case of a lift malfunction you need your location to be accessible as soon as possible. A stair climber is one of the fastest and most flexible solutions. The stair climber can be used by residents with mobility issues or wheelchair users to use all stairs. It features electrically-powered wheels and 4 emergency brakes. The climber enables safe and quick use of every stair. It can carry loads up to 120kg and the battery lasts up to 300 steps. As the stair climber is operated by hand, installation work is not needed. This ensures that everyone can stay mobile within no time at all! 

Capacity and Sizes

Lifting capacity
140 kg
Passenger capacity
Max entrances

Electrical data

Lift speed
3.6 m/min
220 V

Easy to use and ready to go 

The stair climber is easy and quick to use. The user only needs to sit down or attach their wheelchair to the stair climber and before they’re ready to go! In order to use the chair climber however, someone needs to operate it. But not to worry, the chair climber is easy to use and as such can be used by family members, friends or other residents. Sometimes it happens that nobody is around to help out. In that case, you can use our lift assistants. They’re happy to help out residents with their chores! He/she can assist with doing groceries, walking the dog, or operating the stair climber. 


More mobility 

During emergencies or (lift) maintenance, you may be confronted with many mobility issues. You need to assess the situation, look for the right solution and implement it. Together with our RECO Holding partners we offer more equipment to create a temporary, threshold-free access to your location. In addition to passenger lifts, we also offeremergency stairs, pedestrian accesses, walkways, and mobility scooter storages. Do your visitors or residents need some extra assistance? We'll happily provide them our assistance by carrying their baggage or operating the temporary lift. That way, we create suitable accessibility solutions for every property, audience, and situation. 

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