WSG Wohnungs- und Siedlungs- GmbH and lift company Schindler Aufzüge Standort Neuss are using a temporary RECO PP passenger lift during a lift upgrade in Neuss

During lift modernisation projects, residents are often restricted in their freedom of movement for weeks at a time. However, this does not apply to the residents of an apartment complex belonging to WSG Wohnung- und Siedlungs- GmbH in Neuss. While the lift company Schindler modernises the existing lift, the residents use a temporary RECO PP passenger lift safely and completely without barriers.

High dependency

Many residents in high-rise buildings are almost entirely dependent on a passenger lift. This applies in particular to older, disabled residents. Poignant stories about residents being "locked in" for weeks on end because the lift is out of order regularly make the headlines. To avoid these unnecessarily stressful and unsafe situations, more and more German housing associations are opting for the use of a temporary RECO passenger lift. This fully-fledged passenger lift is safe (TÜV approved), user-friendly and, in most cases, can be installed within just one working day.

Unburdening residents

On the Dutch home market, the so-called "unburdening" of residents by housing associations is already commonplace. Whereas in the past the emphasis was exclusively on cost control, today the emphasis is increasingly on 'soft' aspects such as the well-being and safety of residents. "We are seeing a similar development in the German market. Especially when it comes to very vulnerable and dependent residents," says Jakob Ebbens, In-house Account Manager for RECO Lift Solutions.

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Cost-effective deployment

Customer-oriented housing associations focus on the wishes and needs of residents, whereby they budget the costs (e.g. the deployment of a temporary passenger lift) over a long period (e.g. the lifespan of a lift; approx. 20 years).  In this way, the costs of deploying a temporary passenger lift are very manageable.

Emergency Lift Assembly

For the assembly, RECO Lift Solutions was supported by crane company Wasel from Neuss. Repak and steel road plates were used as the foundation for the lift shaft. Thanks to the modularity of a RECO Lift, the shaft height is adapted to the exit heights. The lift company Schindler has installed its own speech connection in the RECO lift. With this, the lift is fully integrated with Schindler's system. "RECO Lift Solutions has shown itself to be a flexible organisation that can install a fully-fledged passenger lift very quickly. Our residents are very satisfied and appreciate our efforts," says Peter Heine from WSG, responsible for New Buildings & Modernisations.

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