Two RECO temporary passenger lifts for Schiphol airport

In order to remain Europe`s preferred airport, Schiphol is investing in increased efficiency and passenger comfort. In the EF area, RECO Lift Solutions recently installed temporary PP passenger lifts for the second time.

Temporary routing

During the renovations, temporary routing across two different floors is required. In order to reduce inconvenience for passengers and to ensure unimpeded access to all passenger facilities, the client decided to install two RECO PP passenger lifts. As well as the temporary passenger lifts, RECO Lift Solutions also supplied temporary lift foundations consisting of heavy-duty towers.

Just In Time delivery

International airports are characterised by a specific dynamic. In order to keep the number of movements on the construction site to a minimum for Schiphol’s employees and contractors, RECO Lift Solutions installed both lifts on a Just In Time basis. Both lifts were installed in just 2 nights.
The two RECO PP lifts, equipped with 0.8m/s traction power, provide sufficient capacity to process the considerable number of passengers. The attractive lift cabin with its standard operating panel increases comfort and ease of use for the passengers.

Full integration with Schiphol

As a result of the first Schiphol project, RECO Lift Solutions gained a great deal of knowledge about Schiphol`s infrastructure. This knowledge enabled us to fully integrate the temporary RECO passenger lift with Schiphol’s safety systems, ensuring that the RECO lift satisfies all the safety requirements.

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