The Louvre Museum in Paris opts for a temporary RECO passenger lift

RECO Lift Solutions has recently installed a temporary RECO passenger lift for the Louvre in Paris. The Louvre Museum is namely having an existing lift modernised and its lift capacity increased. With the use of a temporary RECO passenger lift, the offices remain accessible safely and barrier-free during the lift modernisation.

Temporary passenger lift against stair tower

The indoor lift is normally only used by office staff. Because the existing lift only had room for 3 to 4 people, the Louvre Museum wants to increase the lift capacity. For this purpose, the entire lift shaft must be enlarged. For the lift builder, it is quite a challenge to build a larger lift shaft in a monumental building like the Louvre. The Louvre Museum is therefore taking a lead time of almost 2 years into account.

The French scaffolding contractor Europe Echafaudage from Jarny was commissioned to construct a temporary stair tower using a scaffold. To keep the offices safely accessible for the disabled and facility services, Europe Echafaudage asked RECO Lift Solutions to help think about equipping the stair tower with a temporary passenger lift.

Prevent damage to monumental facade

RECO Lift Solutions has chosen to deliver an extended RECO PP lift. The offices are located on the third floor, so the RECO passenger lift has only two stops; ground floor and third floor. Only two truck combinations were required to transport the lift modules. Fal Industrie from Paris supplied the telescopic crane required for assembly.

On the third floor, a window opening is used to enter the building. This window had sufficient height to be used as an entrance. This meant that the balustrade under the window did not have to be removed and the monumental facade remained undamaged. Because the floor on the inside is approximately 1.5 metres below the window opening, RECO has mounted a platform lift in collaboration with MTH Lifttechniek from Alphen aan den Rijn. The difference in height resulting from the balustrade could be bridged with this, so that the temporary route remains completely barrier-free and safely accessible.

After just one day of assembly, our lift shaft was up against the facade of the Louvre. The lift is now completely surrounded by Europe Echafaudage's scaffolding. Bureau Veritas took care of the installation inspection. We are proud of the trust that the Louvre Museum has placed in our services and look back on a pleasant cooperation with our French client Europe Echafaudage and partner MTH Lifttechniek. The next 2 years, the RECO lift will remain in use here until the new passenger lift is delivered.