Temporary walkway connects two apartments in Nootdorp

RECO Lift Solutions was able to provide its service in Nootdorp in a slightly different manner than usual. This enabled us to keep the residents at the Woensdrechthof mobile.  The lifts in the two connected buildings needed to be replaced. This is done in turns.

A housing corporation from The Hague contacted us to help think of an efficient solution. In order not to inconvenience the residents, we decided to build a temporary walkway.

The walkway, which is accessible to the public, is made of special floorboards and is located between the two buildings. The residents can therefore reach their homes via the temporary walkway with the lift of the other building. In order to allow disabled residents to travel back and forth between the buildings, specially finished floorboards and public-friendly fencing have been used. The temporary walkway will remain in Nootdorp for a total of 15 weeks until both lifts are put back into operation

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