RECO Lift Solutions installs temporary stairlifts in residential complex in Dordrecht

Dutch housing corporation Woonbron, with 45,000 homes and 4,000 other real estate units in Rotterdam, Spijkenisse, Delft and Dordrecht, is a major player in the (social) housing market. Work on the existing internal lift was scheduled for November. This work would take about two weeks and would create an undesirable situation for the (senior/ disabled) residents.

Employees of the Woonbron housing corporation contacted us to inquire about the possibilities for guaranteeing residents access to the upper floors during the work. An external lift was not an option because the complex in question does not have any external galleries or other entrances that are not open to the public. A staircase alone as an emergency solution was not a viable alternative, as not all residents have the same degree of mobility. Therefore, in consultation with our specialists, a temporary stair lift was chosen, which would transport the residents safely and comfortably up and down stairs during the renovation work.

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