Temporary RECO PP passenger lifts installed at bus terminal in Barkarby (S)

The Mälarbanan railway track connecting Barkarby and Kallhäll in Stockholm is being expanded from two tracks to four. This enormous project has a total budget of 14 billion Swedish kronor. Recently, the Barkarby bus terminal was outfitted with a temporary RECO PP passenger lift.

Shaft in shaft

The entrance to the new Barkarby train station is located atop a viaduct. The temporary RECO passenger lift ensures that passengers alighting on the viaduct can reach the temporary bus terminal at ground level safely and without any impediment whatsoever. The client, Hevling & Hagglund, constructed a temporary stairwell with lift shaft for this purpose. The crane company Edin’s hoisted the RECO lift into the shaft in the course of a single night’s work.

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Unlimited flexibility

The RECO PP passenger lift has a modular set-up. This means the shaft height can be easily adjusted depending on the required alighting heights. It is also possible to calibrate the desired alighting height down to the centimetre. The adjustment to the desired lift configuration always takes place in the Netherlands. At the request of the client, RECO adjusted the alighting heights on-location after the lift was installed.

5th RECO passenger lift

This temporary RECO passenger lift is the 5th RECO lift deployed in the Mälarbanan project to date. Temporary RECO lifts have previously been installed at the temporary pedestrian bridges at Kallhäll and Barkarby stations.

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