Temporary passenger lift ensures continued accessibility during lift modernisation work at Dublin airport

A passenger lift at Pier C at Dublin airport is currently being upgraded by ThyssenKrupp. To ensure barrier-free access for passengers during this modernisation work, Dublin airport (DAA) has opted to install a temporary RECO PP (Plug & Play) passenger lift. RECO’s client in this project is Flynn Management & Construction (FMC).

3-Stops lift configuration

The temporary RECO PP passenger lift has a shaft height of 14.6m and was delivered by Pax Transport, based in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. The lift is equipped with a 3-stop lift configuration in which the RECO lift connects the ground floor level with two additional terminal floors. At the request of DAA, the RECO lift has been fully integrated with DAA’s monitoring system. There is an additional emergency exit stop on the other side of the lift shaft at ground floor level. In the event of a fire alarm, for instance, the lift cabin will immediately proceed to this stop; once it arrives, the automatic lift doors will be opened and kept open so that emergency services can see that no one is left in the lift.

Crane used

Commissioned by client FMC, Kavanagh Crane Hire Ltd. unloaded the RECO lift shaft in just one hoist movement and placed it at the installation site. Thanks to the load-bearing capacity of the existing concrete foundation, an additional foundation slab was not needed. After installation, RECO’s assembly team used length-adjustable shores to anchor the shaft to the structural components of the terminal.

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User-friendly operation

RECO uses standard lift technology only. The advantage of this is that local lift maintenance companies anywhere in Europe can carry out work on RECO lifts, including maintenance and fixing first-line malfunctions. For this project, RECO will be supported by DAA’s lift maintenance staff. We also use the same cabin and control buttons as in permanent lifts. As a result, users are familiar with the lift operation. This familiarity greatly contributes to the user-friendliness. A silent, transmission-free 0.8 m/s gearless drive ensures sufficient lift capacity.

Approval by Lift Inspect Ltd.

This is the first time that RECO Lift Solutions has entered the Irish market. After assembly, RECO lifts are always approved by an independent inspection agency. The approval process for this project was successfully carried out by Lift Inspect Ltd. In the meantime, Ireland has shown more interest in the use of RECO’s temporary passenger lifts.

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