Temporary passenger lift at Vijf Meilaan in Leiden

At Vijf Meilaan in Leiden, the lifts in two apartment complexes are being renovated. The residents of the complexes are mostly senior citizens who have been living here for a long time. During the work on their permanent lift installation it is important to keep the residents mobile. The key words for the client were therefore accessibility, safety and living comfort for its tenants, and so we set to work installing a temporary lift

No inconvenience for residents

There is one permanent lift in each of the two complexes, which will be replaced this year by new, energy-efficient lifts. During the renovation, the lift would not be available twice for six weeks, which is quite a long period. Our temporary passenger lift was the perfect solution for this renovation project, to cause as little disruption as possible.

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Installation site

Due to the underground infrastructure and in particular the gas valves located in the pavement, the RECO Lift has been installed on the pavement. Also, only one parking space in relation to the traffic areas on the six floors was possible, making this the only option. By installing a ramp, we were able to make the RECO lift passable for both able-bodied and disabled residents/visitors. Because the lift is placed on the pavement, we found it necessary that passers-by could continue to walk on the pavement so that no dangerous situations would arise. By leaving a passage of 1.2 metres available between the lift and the plinth of the building, passers-by do not have to use the cycle lane. Naturally, the route is signposted by RECO and the pavement is additionally lit.

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