Temporary passenger lift and staircase in Hazerswoude Rijndijk

A complete lift renovation is being carried out in the Willem Kloosstraat apartment building in Hazerswoude Rijndijk. The entire internal lift is being replaced and is therefore temporarily out of service. We at RECO Lift Solutions have been approached by the president of the owners' association early on in the process to see what the options were for installing a temporary lift

Complete lift renovation and new staircase

In consultation with the building supervisor of the owners' association, the possibilities were examined and the location of the temporary passenger lift was determined. The owners' association of the apartment building will not only carry out a complete lift renovation, but will also demolish the entire staircase around it. In the old situation, the lift stopped at the mezzanine floors, which meant that the residents had to climb one more flight of stairs to reach the gallery.

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In the new situation, the lift will stop on the floors, making it unnecessary to climb another flight of stairs to get to the right height of the gallery. Because the entire stairwell has been cordoned off, a temporary stair tower has also been erected to the first floor in collaboration with RECO due to fire safety regulations. The other floors can be reached by means of fire escapes on both sides of the galleries. The temporary passenger lift and stair tower will remain in place for a period of 8 weeks. After that they will be completely dismantled and removed.

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