RECO Lift Solutions installs temporary passenger lifts for a lift modernisation project in three flats in Jena

On behalf of Ensinger Plastics GmbH, Schindler Aufzüge in Jena is modernising the internal passenger lifts of three apartment buildings. Since many of the residents are wheelchair-dependent, the landlord has used a temporary RECO PP passenger lift. With this lift, the residents retain their freedom of movement during the lift refurbishment.

Safety: from barrier-free lifts to key-operated switches

RECO supplies passenger lifts to maintain a safe, barrier-free passage from street to residence under all circumstances. Residents should, of course, not have to be "locked" into their flat for weeks on end due to a lift modernisation. Unfortunately, this still happens in flats with elderly, disabled residents. For this vulnerable group, the aspect of safety is important in addition to mobility. In Jena, RECO Lift Solutions has therefore equipped the lift with a key switch so that only residents can use the lift. Vandals remain outside the door.

RECO Plug and Play lifts: fast assembly and conversion

The RECO PP (Plug-and-Play) passenger lift is the most rapidly deployable passenger lift with lift car in our range. This means that RECO installs a complete passenger lift with a single hoisting movement. In terms of drive technology, operation and the finish of the cabin, the RECO PP lift complies with the most modern lift technology. This makes the RECO PP lift the ideal temporary passenger lift for lift maintenance and modernisation in various buildings. Is the first building ready? Then the lift is transferred to the next building within one working day.

Pitless lift arrangement

A major advantage of a temporary RECO PP passenger lift is that no pit is required. For this project, a layer of repak was used as the foundation for the lift shaft, with a foundation of steel road plates on top. RECO has anchored the lift shaft to the existing building using adjustable braces.

Lift modernisation with a focus on the interests of residents

"Thanks to the use of the temporary RECO passenger lift, our guys can concentrate fully on their work," says Stefan de Bortoli, sales engineer at Schindler Aufzüge. "If our work is not up to scratch, the residents are in any case relieved. This also makes life easier for our fitters," says De Bortoli. "Our residents have expressed their appreciation of our service," says the client Mr A. Lehmann from Ensinger Plastics. "They are our loyal tenants who have often enjoyed living in our properties for many years; we do this for them".

Are your lifts also being modernised next year and do you want to prevent your residents from suffering as a result? Then contact our lift consultant on +44 (0) 1480 475 377 to request a no-obligation quote. Together, we will look at the situation and determine which lift would best suit your building. With over 1,000 lifts in stock, we have a suitable passenger lift for every flat.