Mobilis & Van Gelder install temporary RECO PP passenger lift at Geldermalsen station

At Geldermalsen station, Mobilis is adapting the existing infrastructure together with its partner Van Gelder. The Merwede-Linge line will have its own track between Dordrecht and Geldermalsen. The station itself will therefore be expanded with extra platforms and a passenger tunnel. Because access to the platform near track 1 is temporarily limited, RECO Lift Solutions has installed a temporary RECO Plug and Play passenger lift and a temporary stairway.

The advantages of a temporary RECO Plug and Play passenger lift for station areas:

  • The compact, modular lift shaft is ideal for busy station areas;
  • The lift offers enough space for bicycles, wheelchairs or luggage (max. 12 persons);
  • Ready for use within one working day to avoid delays;
  • Easy to operate by any traveller using standard button controls;
  • Neat and safe appearance for the public because the cabin can hardly be distinguished from a permanent lift.

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Temporary passenger lift with smallest shaft configuration for platform 1

To keep the platform accessible without barriers, this project required a small lift shaft that would fit exactly within the busy station area. That's why we offered a RECO Plug and Play passenger lift and assembled the lift shaft in the smallest shaft configuration. This consists of one base unit and one top unit with the drive motor. A nice compact setup with a capacity of up to 12 passengers per lift movement.

Lift and staircase within an area of 7.25m²

At the desired location for the lift, there was only limited space available. The site chosen was along a cycle path and directly next to a bicycle shed. Because a RECO Plug and Play passenger lift only needs 7.25m² of space, the lift fitted exactly. In addition to the lift, RECO has also installed a public-friendly staircase. We have fitted these with a special handrail that is easy to find for the visually impaired. These handrails are required for every staircase within Dutch station areas.

High-lying ground cables and pipes pose no problem for lift pit

During the preparations, it seemed that the cables and pipes in the street were not deep enough to install a lift foundation. Fortunately, our RECO Plug and Play lift does not require a deep lift pit to create a level entrance. The RECO lift has a step height of only 360 mm. With a 100 mm concrete foundation, a pit depth of only 460 mm was required. Another solution was to install a small ramp, but this proved unnecessary in the end.

Previous project: Temporary passenger lift at Amsterdam Amstel station

For the Mobilis-Van Gelder combination, it is not the first time it has worked with RECO Lift Solutions. The combination has had good experiences before with the Amsterdam Amstel station project. For this project, RECO not only installed a temporary passenger lift but also a public-friendly ramp.