Need a temporary lift? RECO Lift Solutions gives advice: 8 answers to frequently asked questions about temporary lifts

Over the past 20 years, RECO Lift Solutions has developed the largest rental fleet of temporary lifts in Europe. RECO continuously works on new temporary lifts to offer a practical solution in complex situations. New lift systems with an eye on faster assembly, more application possibilities and a competitive rental price. But which temporary lift is best suited to your situation? And how quickly will such a temporary lift be ready for use? In this blog, we answer 8 frequently asked questions about temporary lifts

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1. What should I do first if a lift malfunctions?

Start by calling our lift consultants at 01480 - 475 377. We'll take stock of the situation straight away. Depending on the height required and the users, you'll be told over the phone what the most convenient solution is: stairlifts or a temporary passenger lift. If necessary, we will immediately send a lift assistant to your location to assist people in climbing stairs. Are people completely dependent on the lift? Then we will provide a sufficient number of stair climbers. Our lift assistants and stair climbers are generally on location within 4 hours after the report.

What does a lift assistant do?

Our lift assistant helps people with climbing stairs or using the installed emergency lift. He or she is also ready to help people with odd jobs, such as getting the mail and carrying groceries.

What is a stair climber?

A stair climber is a device with which our lift helpers can easily help people in wheelchairs up the stairs. The stair climber is delivered to you with instructions so that your staff can also make use of it.


Need an emergency lift? Call 01480 - 475 377

2. Which temporary lift is the fastest on site?

Stairlifts are by far the quickest way to be on location. With a large emergency stock of stairlifts and a large fleet of service vans, we start loading immediately after your request. Within 4 hours, our driver and assembly team will be on site and the installation can begin.


Do you need more space, e.g. for mobility scooters or luggage? And does it concern a height of maximum 3 metres? Then we will send a RECO platform lift to your location within 4 hours. If the height is greater than 3 metres, we can install a RECO Plug and Play passenger lift within 24 hours.


Need an emergency lift? Call 01480 - 475 377


3. How long does it take to install a temporary lift?

How much time it takes to install an emergency lift differs per lift and per situation. In general, our lift mechanics need 30 minutes per floor to install stairlifts. A platform lift can be installed within a few hours. For passenger lifts, it can vary from 24 hours to 3 days depending on the height of the lift and how it is placed against the façade. If it takes longer than 24 hours, we often install stairlifts first so that the end users remain mobile.

4. Do I need a stairlift, a platform lift or a passenger lift?

Our specialist will determine which type of emergency lift is the best for your location as soon as you report it. Here, we look not only at the number of floors and lift users, but also whether the façade is suitable for a RECO lift, how much space there is for a temporary lift installation and how long the emergency lift may remain in use. Using the questions below, you can already estimate which type of emergency lift would best suit your location based on height.


Passenger lifts  Platformlifts  Stairlifts


Do you need an emergency lift up to 3 metres high?

Then stair lifts or a RECO platform lift are the best solution. These lifts are quickly installed, easy to operate and attractively priced. And every stairlift comes with an instruction manual for safe use.

Do you need an emergency lift from 3 to 21 metres?

Then we can deploy both stairlifts and a RECO passenger lift. Do many people use the lift daily? Then we recommend using the RECO Plug and Play or RECO 1.0 passenger lift. With a lift car for up to 12 people, this emergency lift offers far more lift capacity than stair lifts.

Do you need an emergency lift from 22 to 65 metres high?

Then we recommend using a RECO 1.0 or RECO 2.0 passenger lift. These emergency lifts are installed up to 16 stops within 24 hours and offer the same conveniences as regular passenger lifts. Placing stair lifts is also an option, but less efficient at these heights. When, for example, you want to go to the 3rd floor or higher, you'll be considerably quicker with a RECO passenger lift.

5. Which temporary lifts are suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters?

All our temporary passenger and platform lifts are suitable for wheelchairs. Apart from the RECO Indoorlift and the RECO Wheelchair lifts, all these lifts are also suitable for mobility scooters. Don't have room for a temporary passenger lift or platform lift? Then we can also install stair lifts with rollators on every floor and a temporary mobility scooter shelter on the ground floor.


Requesting a wheelchair-accessible emergency lift


Or call our lift consultant if you have any questions: 01480 - 475 377.


6. Where are temporary lifts used?

Emergency lifts are used wherever a lift is temporarily out of order. Below are four common industries where RECO Lift Solutions deploys emergency lifts.

Emergency lifts for flats and other apartment complexes

In residential construction, we often go directly to the apartment with stair lifts. These are also the most commonly used emergency lifts. Residents with a physical disability can then leave their flat again within a short period of time. Depending on the height and repair time of the permanent passenger lift, we decide with the client whether we subsequently install a temporary passenger lift. Frequently used temporary passenger lifts in apartment buildings are the GEDA Multilift and the RECO 1.0 temporary passenger lift.


More about lift rental for housing


Or request a quote directly.


Emergency lifts for healthcare institutions

For all wheelchair users and employees with meal trolleys and equipment, it is important in care facilities that a barrier-free passenger lift is available. The RECO platform lifts, the RECO 1.0 and the RECO 2.0 passenger lifts are therefore often an excellent solution. Is the atrium the best place to install a lift? Then we'll use a RECO Indoorlift as an emergency lift.


More about lift rental for healthcare institutions


Or request a quote directly.


Emergency lifts for public transport and infrastructure

A trainstation can also unexpectedly become partially inaccessible due to lift failure or calamities. For small heights such as access to a platform, we install a RECO Plug and Play passenger lift. Thanks to the compact lift shaft, this lift can easily be installed in station areas where every square metre is often reserved. For heights less than 3 metres, RECO platform lifts are of course also an excellent solution.


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Or request a quote directly.


Emergency lifts for shopping centres and large warehouses

We also install emergency lifts for large department stores and shopping centres. To maintain optimum access to a storey in a department store, we often install a RECO Plug and Play passenger lift on the façade or a RECO Indoor lift inside the building. These lifts do not require a lift pit and are accessible to wheelchair users.


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7. Are your lifts inspected and by whom?

Every lift we install complies with current standards and is inspected both before and after installation. Lifts higher than 3 metres are not put into operation until they have been inspected by a recognised party. We have been working with Bureau Veritas for years to have these inspections carried out. Because of this, the inspectors know our emergency lifts well and the inspection often runs smoothly. In general, the inspection takes place on the last day of assembly or the next working day.


8. What do I do if one of my temporary lifts breaks down?

8. What do I do if the RECO emergency lift fails?


You can call our 24/7 breakdown service via the telephone numbers below. Our breakdown service will take stock of the situation over the phone and send a technician to your location. Within a few hours, we'll make sure the lift is fully operational again.


Call our 24/7 service immediately: +31 182 - 74 40 50

Did this blog not answer your question?

Please feel free to contact our lift advisors. Placing an temporary lift is always a custom job, because every building and every user is different. But when you need a temporary lift, we'll be happy to work with you to find out which one offers the best solution.

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