Temporary passenger lift prevents production loss at petrochemical plant in Herten

Chemical manufacturer Solvay in Herten, near Roermond, was confronted with a serious lift breakdown, whereby repairs proved impossible within an acceptable period of time

Maintaining continuity with a Scanclimber

To not endanger the continuity of the factory, it was necessary to take measures quickly, RECO Lift Solutions was approached. In collaboration with RECO, in a very short time, a Scanclimber SC2032 has been installed with a lifting height of 21 metres and four floors. This type of lift is a combined passenger / goods lift with a lifting capacity of 2000 kg. With the use of this temporary lift from RECO Lift Solutions, production loss of the plant is prevented. Solvay is a soda producer that originated in Belgium. Meanwhile, the company has grown into a chemical multinational with branches in 56 countries and nearly 30,000 employees.

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