Temporary GEDA P18S passenger lift used during lift modernisation of care home in Calw (Germany)

The passenger lift of the Schönblick care home in Calw was in urgent need of replacement. Thyssen Krupp Aufzüge therefore recently installed a new passenger lift on the premises. In order to provide the residents with barrier-free access to all floors during the modernisation works, RECO Lift Solutions installed a temporary 4-stop GEDA P18S passenger lift.

Preventing relocation

The residents (and suppliers) of the Schönblick care home are fully dependent on the lift. A costly relocation often causes a lot of stress for elderly residents. A temporary, user-friendly passenger lift is therefore an attractive and safe alternative in situations like.

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Advantages of the GEDA P18S passenger lift

The basic unit of the GEDA P18S passenger lift weighs a mere 2,700 kg. Thanks to its limited weight, RECO was able to install the passenger lift on top of the car park. The automatic shaft door panels were attached to the balconies on subsequent floors. Only one lorry and trailer are needed to supply the GEDA P18S passenger lift. The logistic implementation costs can therefore be kept to a minimum across Europe.

Safe transportation by temporary lift

The GEDA P18S passenger lift doors have an impressive opening width of 1,000 mm. If needed, RECO Lift Solutions can supply an extra bed to ensure the safe transportation of residents in case of emergencies.

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