Sweden’s Kone AB renovates 2 lifts in pedestrian bridge with the help of a temporary passenger lift

The pedestrian bridge at Trångsund station operated by SL (Stockholm’s public transport operator) is equipped with 4 passenger lifts. Two of these lifts are currently being renovated by Kone AB. Kone AB decided to use a temporary Reco PP passenger lift as the optimal way of compensating for the reduced lift capacity.

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Straightforward anchoring

Most pedestrian bridges are constructed using concrete. This makes it very straightforward to anchor a lift shaft. Just one landing needed to be removed from the pedestrian bridge to make the RECO lift accessible. RECO Lift Solutions then bridged the gap between the lift shaft and pedestrian bridge using an exit landing which can be extended in length to fit the space. The lift was installed in just one working day. After being approved by Dekra, the RECO PP lift entered into service.

Quick turnaround

The renovation work will take around 8 weeks, after which the RECO PP lift will be moved to its next installation location by mobile crane. Once Kone AB has completed its work, the RECO PP lift will be deconstructed and transported back to the Netherlands. Upon its return, the lift will undergo technical and visual checks and be prepared for its next job.

Environmental benefit of our temporary passenger lifts

Temporary RECO passenger lifts are routinely rented for new projects. There is no need to demolish and remove any lifts, so there is no loss of valuable materials. Hiring a temporary RECO passenger lift is therefore an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative.

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