Stairlifts or passenger lifts: Which one is best for your property?

As specialist in temporary passenger lifts and over 1,000 lifts within the RECO Holding rental fleet, RECO Lift Solutions offers the largest selection in Europe. From flexible stairlifts to temporary passenger lifts with modular lift shafts up to 25 storeys high. Due to our unique range, RECO Lift Solutions is always able to offer a suitable lift solution. But which lift is best suited to which project? In this blog, we explain more about the advantages of our lifts and when stair lifts, for example, are more suitable as emergency lifts. For customised advice, please contact our lift consultant

Temporary stairlifts: fast assembly

We'd rather not think about it, but it can always happen that a lift unexpectedly malfunctions. You then want to be able to offer residents and passers-by an alternative quickly. Especially when, for example, disabled residents use the lift daily. The quickest option is to hire stairlifts as emergency lifts. Within one day after the request, we will equip the entire stairwell with stairlifts. Due to the simple fixing of the stairlift, these lifts can be installed on each floor in 45 minutes.

Largest stock of temporary stairlifts in the Netherlands

With an emergency stock of 350 stairlifts, RECO Lift Solutions has the largest stock of emergency lifts in the Netherlands. If necessary, we can also supply special heavy-duty stairlifts with a lifting capacity of up to 159 kg. In the event of an emergency, our technicians will install the stairlifts within 24 hours. With the versatile knowledge and experience of our technicians, we are well prepared to act quickly in any situation. The main advantage of stairlifts is that they are relatively quick and therefore cheap to install. But for long-term use, it is wise to consider a 'normal' passenger lift. After all, a lift is also important for emergency services and other services such as 'tafeltje dekje'.

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RECO temporary passenger lifts

Passenger lifts from RECO Lift Solutions offer everything the user may expect from a fully-fledged passenger lift. The temporary passenger lift works just like an ordinary, permanent passenger lift. With barrier-free access, user comfort and accessibility are clearly the main focus of these lifts. RECO hires out passenger lifts in a number of variants, namely the standard RECO Lift, RECO Lift 2.0, RECO Lift PP, RECO Lift PPE and the Indoor Lift, also known as the event lift. These passenger lifts vary in, among other things, construction height, lift speed, cabin size and exit options. The RECO PP lift, for example, is a low-cost passenger lift that can be erected up to 3 floors in 4 hours, while the RECO Lift 2.0 reaches exceptional heights of up to 25 floors. So you always have a lift that suits your premises.

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Specialist in temporary and emergency passenger lifts

With over 65 years of experience in renting out technical equipment and the largest lift rental fleet, RECO Lift Solutions is the largest service provider in the field of lift rental in Europe. In addition to (emergency) lifts, RECO also rents out supplementary equipment such as temporary galleries, footbridges and temporary scooter stands. For extra assistance when using the stairlifts, RECO also uses personal assistants. The lift assistant helps residents carry groceries, walk the dog or check the letterbox. This way, RECO is able to provide residents with mobility in every situation.

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