Staedion commissions temporary lifts for residents of an apartment in The Hague

The Staedion housing corporation wanted to quickly install a temporary lift for the 'De Bolster' flat due to a malfunction. The internal passenger lift was regularly out of order due to a technical fault. To prevent residents from being unable to leave their homes, RECO Lift Solutions inventoried the situation and installed temporary lifts

The best temporary lifts for 'De Bolster': temporary stair lifts

Temporary stairlifts are the best choice for 'De Bolster'. This is because at 'De Bolster', the façade would have to be drastically altered to accommodate a RECO passenger lift. Temporary stairlifts, on the other hand, are installed within half a day. Drastic work such as adapting the façade is not necessary.

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Lift out of order: which temporary lift should you use?

When a lift malfunctions, it's always important to quickly install a suitable emergency lift. RECO Lift Solutions has an extensive fleet of emergency lifts at its disposal, so we can always offer a suitable solution immediately. But which lift is best suited to an apartment building? In this blog, you'll read 8 frequently asked questions and answers about how we choose the best emergency lift.

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Why housing associations hire temporary stair lifts for flats:

  • Installed within half a day;
  • Easy for residents to use;
  • Good price/quality ratio;
  • No major work required.

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