RECO Lift Solutions provides 16 temporary passenger lifts during major lift maintenance project

A large number of lift maintenance operations have been started on the existing lift systems in a number of apartment buildings in Breda and Tilburg. Wonen Breburg, a housing association with almost 30,000 rental homes in Breda, Tilburg and the surrounding area, likes to work on safe and pleasant neighbourhoods. To ensure the safety and mobility of the residents during this project, RECO Lift Solutions has created a great plan

Sixteen temporary passenger lifts

Given the size of the project, a total of 16 emergency lifts will be installed by our staff. The RECO Lift Solutions team has paid a lot of attention to making a good planning, so everything is expected to run smoothly. By preparing everything properly, an emergency lift will always be available and the residents of the flats will always have the convenience of a working lift.

Access control systems

Because safety is a high priority for Wonen Breburg, the emergency lifts are even equipped with access control systems to prevent uninvited guests from using the lifts. 

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