Second temporary RECO passenger lift at Rotterdam Alexander Station operational

At Rotterdam Alexander Station, contractor Averesch BV from Rijssen is working to construct a new station that will bring train and metro together under a single roof. To that end, RECO Lift Solutions installed the first lift at the site last February. Since then, a second RECO passenger lift was installed on the other side of the station in early June.

25-kV cable

The second RECO lift is identical to the first in terms of the configuration and stabilisation method applied. One thing that we did have to take into account in positioning this second lift, however, was the location of a 25-kV cable. In order to minimise the pressure exerted by the lift structure on this cable, it was decided to shift the lift foundation (consisting of dragline mats) a bit farther away from the 25-kV cable. The foundation was also placed slightly higher than the surrounding ground. A paved ramp was then installed to bridge the resulting difference in height.

Late-night installation

The RECO lift was hoisted into place from the bus station on Marten Meesweg. To prevent any disruption of the public transport system and its passengers, the installation of the lift was scheduled for the night-time hours. When the last bus pulled away at 1:00 am, it was possible to begin setting up the telescopic boom crane. By the time that the first buses began their routes the next morning, the lift had been installed and the crane was long gone.

Dual facilities

For now, the two temporary RECO passenger lifts will be in parallel operation. After a while, however, the lift that was installed first will be dismantled. Following their use at Rotterdam Alexander, the lifts will undergo a technical inspection and then be rented out once more. Because this approach prevents the loss of any valuable raw materials, the service is a highly environmentally friendly alternative.

Both outdoor and indoor lift solutions

In addition to temporary outdoor lift solutions, RECO Lift Solutions also offers temporary indoor lift solutions. These solutions include the installation of temporary passenger lifts inside station halls. RECO recently installed its first temporary passenger lift in a station hall on behalf of the German Rail authority, Deutsche Bahn, at the main train station in Stuttgart. A second passenger lift is scheduled to be installed in one of the station halls next year. Further details will follow.

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