Schiphol Airport installs temporary passenger lift for temporary parking garage (P1 Extension)

Behind the new Hilton Hotel, contractor Ballast Nedam (BN) has recently completed a temporary parking garage (P1 Extension). Given the temporary nature of this parking garage, Schiphol has opted to install a temporary 4-stop RECO PP passenger lift. The construction of the parking garage took just five months in total.

Two modular systems in one

The concept of the parking garage is based on BN’s modular ModuPark® system, which consists of a steel structure with TT girders and is suitable for 566 cars. Thanks to this modularity, the number of parking decks in the garage can easily be increased in needed. RECO’s temporary PP passenger lift features a similar concept, in which the height of the lift shaft (and thus the number of alighting heights) can easily be increased if needed.

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Like all parking garages at Schiphol, this parking garage had to meet numerous requirements. These included requirements concerning not only fire safety, camera surveillance, evacuation systems and maintenance friendliness, but also sustainability. ‘The choice of a temporary RECO passenger lift fits perfectly with this sustainability requirement’, says Wouter Slotman, Schiphol-based developer for this project. ‘After our leasing period, RECO will reuse the RECO lift for another project. This means no natural resources will be lost, making this a very environmentally friendly alternative.’

Dynamic & LEAN

RECO Lift Solutions has now installed multiple temporary RECO PP passenger lifts for Schiphol. ‘Projects at Schiphol are challenging and dynamic, with many parties involved’, says Ko Uytewaal, project manager at RECO. ‘Through our experience, we know exactly which management systems at Schiphol our temporary RECO passenger lift must be linked to.’ Ko: ‘Because we only need one day to assemble the RECO lift, our clients have a relatively high degree of flexibility in their LEAN planning when working with us.’

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