Rotterdam Alexander Station equipped with RECO temporary passenger lift

At Rotterdam Alexander Station, contractor Averesch BV from Rijssen is working to construct a new station that will bring train and metro together under a single roof. In connection with these efforts, alternate routing to the platform has been in effect from last Monday. The deployment of a RECO temporary passenger lift makes this route barrier-free and accessible to all passengers.

Completely free-standing configuration

No constructive elements were present at or near the desired installation site for the RECO lift, which meant there was nothing to which the lift shaft could be secured using ties. RECO solved this problem by placing what is known as a 10ft ballast container directly next to the lift. This container is filled with some 10 tons of ballast. The advantage of this is that it enabled RECO to realise a completely free-standing configuration.

In order to compensate for the boarding height of the RECO PP lift, the lift was slightly sunk into the ground. This created barrier-free access to the lift at the ground floor level. RECO Lift Solutions has its own earthworks crew to carry out this type of task. This earthworks crew also took care of the paving work once installation was complete.

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High-volume traffic flows

Each day, Rotterdam Alexander station processes some 37,000 passengers boarding and alighting from trains, metros and buses. These traffic flows require solutions with extensive and reliable transport capacity. RECO’s temporary passenger lifts fit the bill perfectly. In addition to capacity, reliability and ease of use, installation speed is also an important requirement in the infrastructure market. Because RECO applies the same lift technology as is used in permanent lifts, at first glance, passengers see no difference between a permanent lift and a temporary RECO passenger lift. Furthermore, the fast installation time means the inconvenience to passengers is extremely minimal.


After a period of approximately six months, RECO will install a second RECO PP passenger lift on the other side of the station. The two RECO lifts will be in parallel operation for a period of one to two weeks. This will ensure a smooth transition to the new routing. What’s more, the RECO PP passenger lift is equipped with a lift intercom system from Traincentre. As a result, the lift will be fully integrated into the NS’s own lift monitoring system.

Temporary passenger lift hire with turnkey delivery

“The fact that the temporary passenger lifts from RECO Lift Solutions offer turn-key delivery was a good fit on our end,” according to Gerald Nijland, project leader at Averesch BV. “Our only responsibilities were to clear a space and provide a power source. RECO Lift Solutions took care of absolutely all other work that was necessary in order to ultimately take the temporary RECO lift into use for our passengers. The result was quick, error-free installation.”

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