RECO Lift Solutions installs temporary passenger lift in Rotterdam Ommoord

In the Ommoord district in the northwest of the Rotterdam suburb of Prins Alexander, work is currently underway on the modernisation of the two interior lifts in the 14-storey Eliotplaats apartment block.

The building is owned by the Vestia housing corporation, which rents, sells and manages housing throughout the Netherlands, but is primarily active in the Rijnmond and Haaglanden regions, targeting households with low (middle) incomes and/or a vulnerable position. The lift renovation is being carried out by SkyLift, which specialises in the maintenance and repair of existing lift installations. 

Temporary passenger lift reduces inconvenience to a minimum

The two indoor lifts will be renovated one by one. As a result, one indoor lift will always be available for the residents of the Eliotplaats. In order to guarantee the desired lift capacity, SkyLift commissioned us to install a temporary passenger lift next to the working indoor lift. This ensures that any malfunctions of the working inner lift can be absorbed and that residents have guaranteed access to their homes. Meanwhile, we have installed the temporary passenger lift with minimum inconvenience to the residents. When both interior lifts have been renovated, we will also dismantle the temporary facilities so that the residents can continue to use the renovated lifts for many years to come.

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