RECO Lift Solutions responds swiftly to emergency enquiries in Oosterhout

The residents of the De Rietpluim senior housing complex in Oosterhout were, to put it mildly, not happy that the lift in the apartment complex refused to work in the last full week of June.

Most of the residents are around 70 years old and usually have difficulty walking. They are therefore dependent on the lift to get out of the building. A hastily called in mechanic could not fix the problem. During the last weekend in June, a couple was even trapped in the lift for one and a half hours during the night from Friday to Saturday, and the fire brigade had to be called in to evacuate the affected residents.

Emergency lift hire: safe and trouble-free

Since the residents' emotions had by then mounted considerably, the Thuisvester housing association (responsible for 13,500 rented homes in the municipalities of Oosterhout, Geertruidenberg, Rucphen and Zundert) decided to call on us to install sufficient temporary facilities so that the long-term problem could be solved in peace and quiet. On Friday 1 July, we therefore urgently installed a number of stair lifts. These are easy to use and continue to function even in the event of a power failure. Thanks to our efforts, the residents can now go up and down again safely and without any problems.

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