RECO Lift Solutions installs temporary 20-stop passenger lift in Zoetermeer (NL)

Last summer, Möhringer Lifts of Haarlem (a Schindler subsidiary) replaced two simplex lifts in a flat in Zoetermeer with two new duplex lifts. This involved a total of 21 stops, with the maximum height for the temporary RECO passenger lift being 62 metres.

A sense of being at home

Having the lifts shut down greatly impacted the residents of the building’s 120 flats. The client, housing corporation De Goede Woning (DGW), aims to give its tenants the space they need to make their housing a home in the truest sense. Helping them maintain a sense of being at home is an important aspect of these efforts. The implementation of a temporary RECO passenger lift during the lift modernisation process made a significant contribution as well.

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Meetings with residents & custom solutions

In cooperation with the Residents’ council, DGW did its best to make sure residents were well prepared for the arrival of the temporary RECO passenger lift. For instance, every resident was given his or her own electronic key (tag) that could be used to summon the temporary RECO lift. Emergency services were provided with a copy of this key as well. In addition, maintenance of the temporary RECO lift was conducted solely at night, ensuring the residents had continuous access to the temporary lift during the daytime hours.

56,750 rides

For the construction of the lift shaft, RECO Lift Solutions worked together with partner Blansjaar crane company to connect 22 units. The 0.8 m/s gearless drive ensures a fast, comfortable ride. The temporary RECO passenger lift was subjected to intensive use for the duration of the rental period: some 810 rides per day on average.