RECO Lift Solutions installs a temporary 28 m high 7-stop RECO PP passenger lift for Imperial College University in London

The Imperial College University in London is currently undergoing major renovations by the commissioning party, Kier Construction Ltd. As well as the lecture-halls and laboratories, the existing passenger lift is getting a modern makeover.

Temporary passenger lifts: modular by design

Thanks to the modular design of the RECO PP passenger lift, the lift shaft can be easily extended. RECO installed 4 so-called connecting modules for this project to achieve an alighting height of 23 m on the 7th floor. The traction speed of 0.8 m/s ensures passengers can reach the 7th floor in a mere 30 s.

Fluid nitrogen

As well as transporting students and employees on a regular basis, the RECO passenger lift is used to transport laboratory equipment. Reco therefore added a fixed pre-programmed ride to safely transport fluid nitrogen, by special request of the university. When entering this command, the cabin moves to the 5th floor without stopping on other floors.

Local maintenance

Because RECO only uses standard lift parts, RECO lifts can be maintained locally across Europe. During the 52-week rental period, the RECO lift has been ‘adopted’ by the University of London’s lift maintenance firm. If needed, they can fix small malfunctions quickly. The lift is maintained by a RECO employee once every 2 months.

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