RECO Lift Solutions' social employability rewarded with PSO certification

As of 1 February 2021, we have achieved the Aspirant Status on the Dutch Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen (Performance Ladder Social Enterprise or PSO) and we are proud of it! This ladder is the scientifically substantiated measuring instrument and corresponding quality mark of TNO for making social entrepreneurship objectively measurable and visible. The independent assessment by a certifying body shows that RECO Lift Solutions is demonstrably a more socially responsible business. In 2022, we expect to take a step up the ladder and achieve Step 1.

RECO Lift Solutions goes for inclusive employment

The PSO's goal is to help people with a vulnerable labour market position find work in a sustainable and high quality manner. We do this not only by facilitating workplaces in our own organisation, but also by stimulating our suppliers and contractors to do social business. 

Facilitating workplaces

RECO Lift Solutions reserves workplaces for people with a vulnerable labour market position. To this end, we work together with, among others, MBO Rijnland and the UWV.

Chain stimulation

We consciously choose to purchase products or services from SWO companies and other PSO certified organisations. This way, we stimulate the chain. By allowing more organisations to do social entrepreneurship, we grow together towards a more inclusive society.

The PSO performance ladder

The PSO quality mark has four performance levels: Aspirant status, Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3. The idea behind the Step approach is that organisations can grow on the PSO Performance Ladder by sustainably offering more employment to vulnerable groups in our society.