Rotterdam politics: rent emergency lift in case of lift failure

It's unthinkable that we could be stuck in our own apartment for a long time should the lift malfunctions. Yet it happens that residents are confined to their homes for a week or even longer. Politicians are now also speaking out about the importance of deploying an emergency lift in the event of a lift breakdown. Leefbaar Rotterdam pleads for the city council to encourage housing corporations to hire an emergency lift.

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Without an emergency lift, residents with a disability have nowhere to go. Not only residents with a mobility restriction, but also residents with less visible ailments. quotes the story of a resident with a heart rhythm disorder. She can still leave the house without a lift, but she can no longer climb the stairs. She also tells of a resident in her 90s who has been unable to leave her home for almost three weeks. Situations like this show how important indoor mobility is.

Renting an emergency lift for your residents

Not every building is equally suitable for a temporary emergency lift. That's why RECO Lift Solutions invests in new passenger lifts and additional equipment to be able to offer an emergency lift in every situation. Is there a lift outage? Or has the lift come to a standstill due to lift maintenance? Please do not hesitate to contact our advisor. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you in a no-obligation consultation.

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