New temporary passenger lift for optimal mobility during renovation project

This year started with a special project for RECO Lift Solutions. The Starflats on Favrestraat and Vinckenbrickstraat in Rotterdam are undergoing a major renovation. As with many construction projects, it helps the contractor when residents can be diverted outside the work area. In a 13-storey flat, a smart solution is needed to provide the residents with the desired mobility and comfort

A temporary passenger lift with optimal experience

When providing a replacement lift, a positive end-user experience is a top priority. A safe feeling, easy operation and a clean design are crucial for an optimal experience, but this starts with the accessibility of the lift car. To provide the residents with mobility, comfort and safety, we installed two temporary passenger lifts, both of which are accessible to all floors. In order to provide optimal accessibility, also for the less able-bodied residents, we have constructed gallery elevations for each floor. This ensures that all residents can make confident use of their temporary lift solution throughout the renovation period.

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