Nieuw Groenland (Zaandam) rents temporary passenger lift

With the help of a crane (lifting weight 40 tonnes) units of 4.5 x 2.5 metres are stacked at Nieuw Groenland in Zaandam. One lift kept malfunctioning, so it was time for a temporary but acute solution.

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Because a thorough repair would take a lot of time, Rochdale, in consultation with Evean, commissioned RECO, a specialised company, to install a temporary lift. Normally, it takes about two months to arrange and install such an emergency facility, but in cooperation with the contractor Ronitz, we managed to do this within a week.


As much as 15 square metres of soil had to be dug out half a metre deep. After the lift was adjusted, it was approved by the Lift Institute. This impressive temporary facility will remain in place for about three weeks. For a nursing home like Nieuw Groenland, two lifts are necessary, not only to ensure the safety of the residents, but also to guarantee mobility. 


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