Munich Int’l Airport equips pedestrian traverse with two temporary passenger lifts

At Munich Int’l Airport, a 300m-long, glass pedestrian traverse forms a bridge between the central access route and the airport. To replace the traverse during renovation, it was decided to build a temporary pedestrian bridge, equipped with two RECO passenger lifts.

For users, the traverse forms the only access route between the northern and southern airport grounds. It also provides access to the Besucherpark rapid transit station. As a result, the traverse is used by some 1100 to 1500 passengers daily.

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Complete disassembly/reassembly of the traverse

To prepare for renovation, the traverse must first be dismantled and then transported by road and rail to Regensburg. Following a thorough anti-rust treatment, the traverse will be brought back to the airport and reassembled.

Transparent protective film

The new traverse will be fitted with a special transparent film. This will help keep the temperature down inside the traverse during the summer months.

Modifications on location

To minimise the inconvenience for passengers and traffic, one of the two RECO PP lifts was hoisted in at night. After installation, it turned out that the alighting height of both lifts needed adjusting. The modular RECO PP lifts are defined by their tremendous flexibility. The very same day, RECO’s technicians adjusted the alighting height on location. The RECO lifts then successfully passed the Tüv Süd inspection and were subsequently put into use.

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