10% korting op trapliften voor leden VvE Belang

RECO Lift Solutions is committed to the mobility of flat owners. That's why owners' associations that are members of the Dutch interest group VvE Belang receive a 10% discount on the rental of temporary stairlifts! In addition, VvE Belang members benefit from a free consultation and free use of rollators or wheelchairs. This is how we keep the basic need for mobility accessible to everyone.

Claim your discount in 3 steps

Requesting stairlifts with a 10% discount is easy:

  1. Fill in the quotation form;
  2. Select the option 'Stairlifts';
  3. In the comments section, mention that you are a member of VvE Belang.

We will then deduct the discount from the final amount in the quotation.

Claim your discount

Cooperation between RECO Lift Solutions and VvE Belang

RECO Lift Solutions has been a partner of VvE Belang since 2017. This interest group keeps up to date with all developments and continuously finds connections with its supporters and the market. In this way, the foundation continues to develop in its role as advisor, advocate and educator for owners' associations. The goal is optimal living comfort for apartment owners. RECO Lift Solutions supports VvE Belang in achieving optimum living comfort for flat owners in the event of a lift malfunction. In the event of an emergency, our stairlifts are on site within a few hours. This enables the residents to reach their homes at all times.

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