Housing corporation GeWoBa and lift company Schindler opt for RECO temporary passenger lift during lift modernisation project

Recently, lift company Schindler modernised a passenger lift in a care home managed by Bremen-based housing association GeWoBa. A temporary passenger lift had to be used to guarantee the very elderly residents safe, barrier-free access to their apartments during emergencies. In addition to the residents, facility service providers could also use the temporary RECO passenger lift.

14.6-metre shaft

A temporary RECO PP (Plug & Play) passenger lift with a shaft height of 14.6 metres was chosen for this project. This is the highest shaft configuration RECO can transport on European roads without a special transport escort. The PP lift features a 4-stop lift configuration (ground floor, +2, +3 and +4) and was positioned perfectly in just one lifting movement by crane company Titschkuss & Wittrock. The elevator shaft was then anchored to the structural parts of the building using adjustable length braces. And to gain additional height, the RECO lift was erected on a foundation of dragline bulkheads. The resulting entry height was then bridged using a ramp.

Use of staircase chairlifts

In addition to the floors mentioned above, the property also has a 5th floor. Due to the architectural limitations of the building, the occupants of this floor could not reach the RECO lift. RECO solved this situation by equipping the two staircases between the 4th and 5th floors with two temporary chairlifts. At the customer’s request, the temporary RECO PP passenger lift was further equipped with a key switch compatible with the residents’ house key.

Schindler intercom system

Because lift company Schindler was responsible for the lift modernisation, the intercom system of the temporary RECO lift was patched through to Schindler’s central control room. To this end, Schindler installed its own intercom system in the RECO lift, making it fully compatible with its own systems. The residents, GeWoBa and Schindler were very satisfied with the performance of the temporary RECO PP passenger lift.


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