GEDA Multilift P18S temporary passenger lift now for rent at RECO Lift Solutions

At the end of last year, RECO was given the opportunity to take over all GEDA Multilift P18S passenger lifts from the bankruptcy of Vlutters Verticaal Transport Nederland. After thorough preparation, RECO has decided to take over the GEDA Multilift P18S. We are convinced that with this machine, we can create value for our clients

Investment results in renewal GEDA temporary passenger lifts

Together with German manufacturer GEDA, we have investigated how we can improve the performance of this machine so it meets our clients' wishes and RECO's quality requirements. Ultimately, this has resulted in an investment for the renewal of all GEDA Multilift P18S machines taken over.

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Improved functionality

At the request of clients, all GEDA Multilift P18S machines have been equipped with a new control system that, among other things, offers the possibility of a so-called collective control system. This means that call requests are processed simultaneously and efficiently. It is no longer necessary to wait for the lift to complete its journey. We have also developed a method that significantly reduces assembly time. Furthermore, we are working on the implementation of the Winmos monitoring system, with which we can remotely monitor the performance of the lift.

2-in-1 passenger lift

The GEDA Multilift P18S has automatic storey doors and a speech connection, so it can be used as a passenger lift. Besides, the lift has a voluminous and robust lift cabin with a door width of no less than 1,000 mm. The anchoring system of the masts is fully complementary with a scaffolding arrangement. These advantages make the Multilift P18S stand out in a renovation environment. The added value of the lift is reflected in the cost savings realised by contractors (using one combi lift instead of two) and in the 24/7 barrier-free access for residents to their flats.

European deployment

Thanks to the compact basic unit and the modular mast elements, only a single tractor-trailer combination is needed to transport a GEDA Multilift P18S. Therefore the lift is used all over Europe. Meanwhile, the lift has been used on 2 renovation projects in Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Partnership with GEDA

Thanks to intensive market and knowledge exchange, GEDA and RECO have got to know each other well. GEDA has expressed its confidence in RECO's marketing strategy concerning the Multilift P18S. For RECO, this has resulted in them obtaining the exclusive trade right for the GEDA Multilift P18S passenger lift on the European market, something we are particularly proud of.

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